What is Title I? Title I is a federal program designed to assist students who are struggling within the classroom.  Title I is provides additional instruction for children who struggle with reading or math.  Title I is designed to add to your child’s instructional opportunities.  It will never take away from classroom learning time.

How can my child receive Title Services? Using set criteria including grades and skill level, classroom teachers must fill out a rating scale to see if your child will qualify for services.  Children will be giving priority based on their rating scale. Parent permission be provided for your child to receive services.

What can my child expect from Title services? Each grade level has a designated time for services.  During this time, the regular classroom teacher will spend time reviewing.  Classroom teachers will not introduce new information during Title time so your child will not miss out on any instruction.  Once they are in the Title room, you child will work in a small group of 2-4 children with a Title I instructor.  The Title I teacher works closely with the classroom content. They will preview and review classroom information.  They will also work to build your child’s reading or math skills.  These small learning groups and tailor-made lessons provide wonderful support for students who struggle.  Using this approach, students will have opportunities to boost their reading and math skills.

Studies show that a team approach to learning is highly beneficial for students. Title I teachers work with classroom teachers and parents to provide support for the child.  Input from parents is very helpful in the learning process. We welcome the opportunity to visit with you about your child’s learning.  You are the expert on your child.  Let us know how things are going at home for both of you.  By working together, we can help your son or daughter reach their learning goals.

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