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2014-2015 Bus Routes

Stanley Public School

2014-2015 Bus Routes

Below is a list of bus stops we will be utilizing starting Monday, August 25 both morning and afternoon. The list of family names below is not the order of pickup/drop off – it does not indicate the route that will be used. The bus driver will be contacting you about approximate pick-up and drop-off times.

Please do not hesitate to call the drivers on the cell phones listed below if you have any questions.


Also, please note that we are very short on substitute drivers. If the regular driver cannot drive the route and we cannot find a substitute driver, the route may not be able to be run on that day. In that instance, we will try to provide as much advance notice as possible.

Bus 46 (Driver: Debbie Johnson; Cell Phone: 701-629-1656)


Bus 26 (Driver: Mitch Bruhn; Cell Phone: 701-629-5111)

Hermanson, Marshall and Nancy

Anderson, John and Camie

Bohmbach, Jed and Jodi

Craft, Kevin and Stacy

Dazell, Stacey

Anderson, Brent and Nixie

Fladeland, Troy and Amy

Johnson, Casey and Amber

Nichols, Russell and Katie

Harstad, Roger and Michelle

Meiers, Lee


Bus 15 (Driver: Justin LaBar; Cell Phone: 701-313-0275)

City of White Earth

Vachal, Mark and Melissa

Meland, David and Kathy

City of Ross

Clark, Steve and Megan

Ross Trailer Park (North Side of Railroad Tracks)

Brooke, Dan and Tammy

Royer, Paul and Heather

Manitou RV Park

Bus 3 – Mini Bus (Driver: Carin Columbus; Cell Phone: 701-629-7079)

Trahan, Dwayne and Mary

Wilhelmi, Ryan and Beth

Kaiser, Chris and Holly

Trulson, Christi

Enander, Dave and Stephanie

Dick, Terry and Twana




Bus 18 – Mini Bus (Driver: Laurie Fitzgerald; Cell Phone: 612-581-8950)

Schuler, Jessica

Goettle, Wyatt and Rebecca

Johnson, David and Wendy

Helwig, Ron and Loretta

Fitzgerald, Pat and Laurie




Bus 4 (Driver: Brence Wilson; Cell Phone: 701-629-5805)

CMG Man Camp

MBI Man Camp

Lund, Monte and Breann

Neset, Jerry and Jennifer

Ruden, Clint and Donna

Hynek, Blair and Carol

Sorenson, Mike and Kim

Vachal, Curt and Lynette

Lund, Justin and Bernadette

Dralle, Arnie and BreAnn Sorenson

Lapica, Jeff and Lisa

Giese, Donald and Carrie

Bus 11 (Driver: Al Aune; Cell Phone: 701-629-7085)

Roise, Dustin and Barb

Farhart, Brad and Amy

Barstad, Jason and Stacy

Evans, Matt and Sara

Durso, Jason and Michelle

Lumley, Travis

Hanson, Kelly and Denise

Olson, Chris and Lindsay

Anderson, Scott and Tori

Gustafson, Nick and Holly

Parmeter, Mike and Clarissa

Bus 16 (Driver: Alan Tillinghast; Cell Phone: 701-217-0172)

Kids’ Corner Day Care

Connie Essler Day Care

Bingen, Don and Mona

Wesley, Brittnie

Bruhn, Jerimy and Nikki

Lawrence, Daniel and Katrina

Obert, Perry and Jodi

Dazell, Gary and Kathie

Hornberger, Travis and Bonita

Jamson, Lisa

Garcia, Lorena

Meyer, Curt and Summer

Blount, Amanda

Harstad, Jay and Dana

Rolfe, Chad and Allyn Sveen

Germundson, Jamie and Pam

City of Palermo

City of Blaisdell

Bus 12 (Driver: Raquel Ragan; Cell Phone: 307-371-5460)

Dean, Brandon and Beth

Stidham, Holly

Uran, Josh and Shena Wold

Lindley, Brandon and Jessica

Wing, Daren and Christine

Fox, Pat and Andrea

Middleton, Stacy

Wienbar, Craig and Novelyn

Longmuir, Mark and Nicole

Brandt, Ron and Carolyn

Brewer, Mike and Sarah