F - Students POLICIES

Descriptor CodePolicy NameTypeLast Updated
FAAAOpen Enrollment
PolicyNovember 2020
FAABEarly Entrance RequirementsPolicyMarch 2010
FAACEnrollment of Suspended or Expelled Students
PolicyNovember 2019
FABSchool Assignment & ChoicePolicyMarch 2010
FACAPlacement & Adjustment of Transfer StudentsPolicyJanuary 2009
FACBTransfers & Withdrawal RecordsPolicyJanuary 2009
FBAStudent FeesPolicyJanuary 2009
FCStudent Safety & SupervisionPolicyJanuary 2009
FCAAAccommodating Students with Allergies & Special Dietary Needs
PolicyNovember 2019
FCAA-ARGeneral Guidelines for Reducing Risk of Exposure to AllergensAdministrative RegulationDecember 2020
FCADStudent AccidentsPolicyJanuary 2009
FCAFConcussion Management
PolicyApril 2019
FCAF-ARConcussion Management Program
Administrative RegulationApril 2019
FDAEducation of Home Schooled Students
PolicyAugust 2020
FDBEducation of the Homeless Student
PolicyNovember 2019
FDB-BREducation of the Homeless Dispute Resolution ProcedureBoard RegulationJanuary 2009
FDCEducation of Migrant Students
PolicyNovember 2019
FDDEducation of Pregnant and Parenting Students
PolicyApril 2019
FDEEducation of Special Education/Disabled StudentsPolicyAugust 2020
FDGDrop Outs
PolicyNovember 2019
FDHStudents in Foster Care
PolicyNovember 2018
FECAHonor RollPolicyOctober 2008
FECBGifts & Awards to Students
PolicyJanuary 2021
FEDCSenior PrivilegesPolicyJanuary 2021
FEEAStudent GovernmentPolicyJanuary 2021
FFStudent Conduct & Discipline
PolicyJuly 2020
FF-EExamples of Student Conduct ViolationsExhibitDecember 2020
FFAStudent Alcohol & Other Drug Use/Abuse
PolicyAugust 2020
FFBAttendance & Absences
PolicyNovember 2020
FFCBus ConductPolicyFebruary 2009
FFC-ARBus Conduct RegulationsAdministrative RegulationDecember 2020
FFDCarrying Weapons
PolicyNovember 2020
FFEExtracurricular Participation Requirements
PolicyAugust 2020
FFE-BRConsideration for Advancement to High School by a Junior High School StudentBoard RegulationOctober 2010
FFE-AR1Meals for Students Participating in Extracurricular Activities
Administrative RegulationDecember 2020
FFE-AR2Athletic PhysicalsAdministrative RegulationDecember 2020
FFFField & Other School-Sponsored TripsPolicyMarch 2010
FFF-AR1School Sponsored Trip RulesAdministrative RegulationDecember 2020
FFF-AR2Travel Study ProgramsAdministrative RegulationDecember 2020
FFGStudent AssembliesPolicyJanuary 2021
FFHStudent Dress CodePolicyJanuary 2021
FFIStudent Use of Electronic DevicesPolicyMarch 2010
FFJStudent Vehicles on School PropertyPolicyFebruary 2009
FFKSuspension and Expulsion
PolicyNovember 2019
FFK-BRSuspension and Expulsion Regulations
Board RegulationNovember 2019
FGStudent Rights and ResponsibilitiesPolicyJanuary 2021
FGAStudent Education Records and Privacy
PolicyNovember 2020
FGA-BR1Student Education Records Access & Amendment ProcedureBoard RegulationJanuary 2009
FGBAReleased Time for Outside InstructionPolicyJanuary 2021
FGBBPrayer During Non-Instructional TimePolicyMarch 2009
FGCASearches of Lockers
PolicyDecember 2020
FGCBSearches of Students & Students' Personal Possessions
PolicyDecember 2020
FGCCStudent Interviews, Interrogations, and Custody by School Resource Officers and Outside Authorities
PolicyAugust 2020
FGDBStudent Handbooks
PolicyNovember 2019
FGDCStudents of Legal Age
PolicyNovember 2020
FGDDStudent Publications & Freedom of ExpressionPolicyNovember 2019