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"Competitive Greatness: Perform at your best when your best is required. Your best is required each day."  - John Wooden

Blue Jay Team Philosophy:

Defense: We strive to be the best defense in the district every year. Some of the things we track are: Deflections, Opponents FG %, Turnovers, and Opponents Second Chance Points. We want to hold teams and players under season averages. We strive to contest all shots and to limit our opponents to no more than 1 shot. Our main defense is a Pressure Pack Line Defense. However, we occasionally will mix in match up zone and a combination defense to keep teams off balance.

  • What does it take to play Blue Jay Defense: GRIT & GRIND attitude! Athletes that refuse to give in. We work defense every day in practice and challenge each individual to get better individually as well as in the team defense concepts. We will never be a successful team if we don’t buy into the importance of defense.
  • ALL OUT!..ALL GAME!..ALL SEASON!: We want our opponents to know one thing every time they play us. That Stanley is going to pressure them in some format the entire game. We want our opponents to know it’s going to be a 4 quarter battle no matter the outcome when they face Stanley. This is easier said than done. For that reason we demand a lot out of our athletes on the defensive side of the ball. Athletes that don’t play defense don’t play.
  • Turnovers, Defend, and Rebound: These are our main focuses. We want to win the turnover battle every game. We will value the basketball and stress to the players the importance of not turning the ball over. Defend; enough said. Rebounding is vital to our success. We must work rebounding every day and limit opponents to 1 or less shots each trip down the court. . NO EXCEPTIONS.

Team Policies

School and Team rules and regulations


The use of drugs, Tobacco and Alcohol are prohibited. First offense is a 6 week suspension. Second offense is a 18 week suspension from all NDHSAA activities.


Night Before a game. 10:00p.m

Night before school. 11:00p.m

Night when school. 1:00a.m


  • All coaches will be addressed as coach or Coach followed by last name.
  • Be early for all meetings, practices, games, and team functions.
  • If cell phones become a problem before a game they will be taken a put into a coach’s bag to ensure that the players focus on what’s important.

* All players and managers at all levels are important to the basketball PROGRAM and each should be treated with respect. There will be NO Hazing of underclassman.

On-off-court behavior:

  • Always hustle on and off the court. *Remember that finishing a game is a much better accomplishment than starting a game.
  • Never, Never criticize teammates or someone who is part of the program.
  • We expect upper classman to be leaders. The most important leader is a leader who leads by example not words. Inappropriate forms of leadership will not be tolerated.

School Suspension:

  • If an athlete is suspended form school for disciplinary action, they will not be eligible for the next game.
  • The coaches, administration, and parents will meet as a group to decide their future with the Blue Jay Basketball program.

Lost Equipment:

  • You are responsible for all equipment issued to you.
  • You must buy what is lost.
  • The only item that the athlete will be able to take with them is their shooting shirt

Dress code for game days:

The Team Lettering Policy.

  1. You must participate in 16 varsity quarters.
  2. You must finish the season in good standing with the school and coaching staff.
  3. You must dress for all post-season games.
  4. If you are academically ineligible for four weeks or more, you WILL NOT letter.
  5. A suspension due to a substance abuse causing a six week or more suspension; Athlete WILL NOT letter.
  6. If you are injured and would have played enough quarters to letter, you may earn a letter at the discretion of the coaching staff.
  7. The head coach will make the final determination in all situations not covered by the guidelines.
  8. The head coach will make the final determination in all situations not covered by the above guidelines.
  9. If a JV team is matched up with another teams varsity, those quarters will count towards the 16 varsity quarters needed to letter.