B - School board policies

Descriptor CodePolicy NameTypeLast Updated
BASchool Board Ethics
PolicyJanuary 2020
BAAEmploying Board MembersPolicyNovember 2020
BBASchool Board Elections & Terms of OfficePolicyFebruary 2021
BBBAOfficers of the BoardPolicyFebruary 2021
BBBBSchool Board Committees
PolicyJanuary 2020
BBCMethod of Filling a Board Vacancy
PolicyJanuary 2021
BBC-ESchool Board Application Form
ExhibitJanuary 2021
BCMeetings of the Board
PolicyFebruary 2021
BC-ESample Meeting Notice
ExhibitDecember 2020
BCAABoard Meeting Agenda & Pre-Meeting PreparationPolicyFebruary 2021
BCABBoard Meeting ProceduresPolicyJanuary 2021
BCAB-BRProcedure for Seating New Board at the Annual MeetingBoard RegulationJanuary 2009
PolicyFebruary 2021
BCADExecutive SessionPolicyFebruary 2021
BCAD-E2Executive Session FormatExhibitDecember 2020
BCAD-E3Executive Session Format for Discussion of Education RecordsExhibitDecember 2020
BCBAPublic Participation at Board MeetingsPolicyFebruary 2021
BDAProcedure for Adopting Board Policy
PolicyFebruary 2020
BDBBRetaining and AttorneyPolicyFebruary 2021
BDBCCitizens' Advisory CommitteesPolicyJanuary 2021
BDCInsurance for Board Members
PolicyJanuary 2021
BDDCompensation for Board Members
PolicyNovember 2020
BEBNew Member Orientation
PolicyFebruary 2021
BECSchool Board Evaluation
PolicyFebruary 2009
BEC-ESchool Board Self-Evaluation
ExhibitDecember 2020
BFABoard-Superintendent RelationsPolicyJanuary 2021