I - Non-Instructional Operations

Descriptor CodePolicy NameTypeLast Updated
IABuildings and Grounds Management
PolicyDecember 2020
IAAAAsbestos Management
PolicyOctober 2020
IABBuildings and Grounds Security Plan
PolicyDecember 2020
IACLease of School PropertyPolicyDecember 2020
IAELease of Mineral Rights
PolicyDecember 2020
ICCBDisposal of School Equipment and SuppliesPolicyJanuary 2021
IDBRisk ManagementPolicyDecember 2020
IDCData Protection & Security Breaches
PolicyNovember 2020
IEAABus Safety
PolicyMay 2009
IEACBus Scheduling and Routing
PolicyMay 2009
IEADUse of Buses by Community Groups
PolicyDecember 2020
IEAFExtracurricular Transportation
PolicyNovember 2019