Regional Band

Regional Instrumental was held on April 6 in Glenburn. 

The following results are the students who received a Regional Star Rating: 

  • Saxophone Ensemble consisting of Bethany Enander, Clancy Hornberger, Thomas Williams, Alexis Bruhn, Ethyn Schindler-Jessen, Zachary Curren, and Alex Ruud 
  • Brass Ensemble consisting of Penny Wolter, Benjamin Wing, Logan Ruud, Jacob Dick, Daniel Littlefield, and Kyle Trahan 
  • Brass Quintet consisting of Penny Wolter, Elizabeth Nelson, Avery Ellis, Benjamin Wing, and Kyle Trahan 
  • Nora Brandt on her flute solo “SkyDance” 

 The following results are the students who received both a Regional Star Rating and State Star Rating: 

  • Mixed Brass Duet consisting of Penny Wolter and Benjamin Wing 
  • Percussion Quartet consisting of Alex Ruud, Dejuan Johnson, Bethany Enander, and Nora Brandt 
  • Percussion Ensemble consisting of Tristen Barstad, Daniel Littlefield, Kaitlyn Jacobs, Trystan Johnson, Dejuan Johnson, Devon Anthony, Vincent Meduna, Jacob Anderson, Benjamin Wing, and Nora Brandt 
  • Percussion Trio consisting of Dejuan Johnson, Trystan Johnson, and Vincent Meduna 
  • Vincent Meduna on his multi percussion solo “Mult-Etude” 

 The following results are for students who received an Excellent Performance Rating: 

  • Kyle Trahan on his tuba solo “Valentine Song” 
  • Low Brass Duet consisting of Logan Neset and Kyle Trahan 
  • Flute Duet consisting of Nora Brandt and Abby Wing 
  • Saxophone Duet consisting of Bethany Enander and Alex Ruud 
  • Saxophone Duet consisting of Ethyn Schindler-Jessen and Zachary Curren 
  • Saxophone Quartet consisting of Thomas Williams, Bethany Enander, Ethyn Schindler-Jessen, and Alex Ruud 
  • Avery Ellis on her French Horn solo “Bourree” 
  • Erika Littlefield on her French Horn solo “Soliloquy” 
  • Clarinet Trio consisting of Zosia Braddock, MacKenzie Ranum, and Kelly Ragan 
  • MacKenzie Ranum on her clarinet solo “Humble Heart” 
  • Zosia Braddock on her clarinet solo “Melody” 
  • Penny Wolter on her trumpet solo “Trumpet Tune” 
  • Ashley Ellis on her trumpet solo “Diana”