Mock Trial Group Picture

"The court is adjourned!"

Senior forensics have concluded the 2021 mock trials.  After two months of dedication and case preparation, these tenacious seniors came ready to battle it out in the courtroom. The lawyers  commanded the floor with confidence and  poise. The witnesses took the stand delivering expert testimony to the court. Verdict deliberation was a challenge.

Please smash those thumbs up! These seniors demonstrated team collaboration, management, and thinking on their feet. The courtroom buzzed with problem solving and objections.  

A special thanks to Wade Enget for taking on the role as judge. His insight and guidance made this learning experience meaningful and authentic. A shoutout to the office of Clerk of District Court for making this day a possibility. An additional thankyou to the jurors who volunteered their morning listening to the cases and deliberating the verdicts. The 2021 jurors included Paula Brown, Kim Sorenson, Melissa Vachal, Denise Hines, Stacey Mortensen, Tina Maghakian, Reann Bohrer, and Beth Wilhelmi. Thank you for your time and service.